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I suspect most reasonable Americans, and certainly most reasonable Iowans are very sorry that someone woke up Tom Harkin for a press conference on Tuesday, July 20th  (thanks to Brian Koenig for the video link), where he claimed several hysterical things and generally appeared angry, senile, or both.

Listen, Mr. Harkin, I am embarrassed enough that you are a Senator for my state.  I don’t need you to also conflate “raising the debt ceiling” with “defaulting on the debt” as you choose to do here, and embarrass us all further. This is not a complex concept.  You are either revealing a stunning lack of intelligence, or resorting to blatant fear-mongering.

Further, if it is some kind of “cult” to want our nation to pay for CURRENT public spending with THIS year’s tax revenues, rather than tax revenues that my toddler has not yet earned to remit to you, call me a cult member! It must take some kind of sick narcissism or gravitas for any reasonable person to believe that wanting our nation to balance its budget, rather than borrow $ TRILLIONS from the future for spending today, is somehow out of the mainstream.  This when 48 States, including Iowa, have their own Balanced Budget Amendment. (PDF link)

Senator Harkin, please keep your hands off my child’s unearned property, and maybe do him and all of us a favor and retire early before you embarrass yourself and Iowa any further.

Oh, and one last thing, about laying all the blame for “all this spending” at the feet of Republicans?  I’ll leave you with a chart of public spending, and you decide who has spent what:

Just in case you might have forgotten Senator Harkin (as you apparently have), Democrats took over sole control of Congress in 2007.  I can’t help that President George W. Bush could not bear to tell you “NO” back then.  When President Obama was inaugurated in 2009, Capitol Hill was overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats — they needed exactly zero votes from Republicans (and usually got about that many) to pass any bill from start to signature.  Please look at the chart above again using that context.  Note that the area leading up to roughly 2007, we appeared to be on a path to balancing the budget…and how quickly that ended once Democrats assumed control of Congress.

For any person to lay all the blame of our present fiduciary crisis solely upon Republicans requires full suspension of reality.

Sounds like some kind of cult to me.  What color is the sky in your world, Senator?

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